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Onesimo’s mission is to assist young people in Philippine slums to have a future. For this we need your help.
There are four ways you can support us: Donations, sponsorships, participation in the Discovery Teams and volunteering in Switzerland and Germany.


Donations to Onesimo are used entirely for the local beneficiary projects and can be largely deducted from taxes in Switzerland. The deductions are eligible for Swiss federal taxes and in many cantons. Similar deductions apply in Germany.

Donations to an account in Switzerland
Postfinance: 40-38079-9
Servants Switzerland
Rotbergerstrasse 12
CH-4054 Basel
IBAN: CH83 0900 0000 4003 8079 9
Intended purpose: Onesimo

Donations to an account in Germany
Ojcos-Stiftung, Sparkasse Odenwaldkreis,
IBAN: DE96 5085 1952 0080 0199 95
Intended purpose: Onesimo


With a monthly contribution you can help a young person to break the vicious circle of poverty, addiction and neglect and to build a new existence.

Your monthly contribution changes the life and future of a young person

School support programs, bulilit (ages 7 and up):
Contributions may start from CHF 80.-/Euro 70.- per month. With this regular amount you give one of these boys or girls the chance to build up a new existence.
Informationsheet, contact:

Onesimo Youth:
Depending on your possibilities, you can also become a full sponsor for CHF 100.- /Euro 90.- (young people aged 18 and over in slum churches) or CHF 200.- /Euro 180.- (children and young people aged 14 to 18).
Informationsheet, contact:

Discovery Teams

Onesimo offers insight into the work in the slums of Manila by means of the Discovery Teams.
You will live for a few days or weeks with a slum family or in one of the residential living communities of Onesimo and take part in everyday life there. In doing so, you will get to know contemporary mission with sustainable development projects.

Discovery Team 2022

When: 14. Juli bis 6. August 2023 und
27. Januar bis 17. Februar 2024 

For further informaton please contact Daniela Rühle,

Lectures and current reports

Help to make Onesimo known!

We would be happy to introduce Onesimo to your congregation, home or activity group or in your company and report on current activities and initiatives. This is a good opportunity to make Onesimo known and to encourage people to donate to Onesimo or to start with a sponsorship.

If you are interested and this is an option for you, please feel free to contact us.

Life Reports

Rony*, 11

"After school, I usually played in the street and went home to our slum in the evening. Together with friends I did stupid things like throwing stones on the street or beating up children who slept with their families on the sidewalk. My friends went begging, but I was ashamed and preferred to sell rosaries. At school I was often laughed at. I probably smelled of the street and the dirty river water. When I resisted, it ended in a fight. Sometimes we tried to steal something at the market. We would knock over the tables and grab clothes and fruits. If I did something wrong at home, my father would beat me until I cried. I am happy that I have now been accepted at the Onesimo learning centre. Here I am not only learning for school, but for life. I am also learning a lot about God and can practice a new, healthy life. My parents are also learning here how to educate us children."

*Names changed

Jennalyn*, 16

"Before I came to Onesimo, I lived on the street, didn't go to school and didn't know God. Because my mother and stepfather separated, I was hurt and my life was a mess. A social worker noticed that I was being beaten by my mother. She took me to a government facility when I was just eleven years old. Everything was new, I had no friends and was very sad. Then I was taken to Onesimo. Here, many things had changed for the better. I was given a proper place to sleep, had friends and people who responded patiently to my tantrums. It was like a new family. I am grateful to Onesimo for everything, including the fact that I can now go to school. I dream of becoming a social worker myself one day and of finding my father and my real family who genuinely love me."

*Names changed

Annabel*, 15

"We are many siblings and half-siblings from different mothers and fathers. Because we were not safe from our father, mother moved us to relatives in the province. Unfortunately, we didn't fare any better there. Our aunt hated us and we were scolded at every opportunity, beaten and injuries were inflicted on us daily. Our mother's new boyfriend tried to rape me. I told mum and she told me to keep quiet and not to tell anyone. So I fled to my older sister in Manila. She told me about people who could help me. That's how I came to Onesimo, where I met the house mother, Julie Ann. With her help, I can make good decisions and get along with the other girls. Here I can start a new life and forget the bad experiences."

*Names changed

Reynaldo*, 20

"We are eight siblings, but my father and older brother became ill and died. We experienced great poverty. My mother and another brother got us through, but there was not enough money for me to finish school. To make up for this, I came to Manila alone. Unfortunately, I started spending a lot of time playing computer games and became addicted to them. Fortunately, I was able to stay away from other bad influences. I believed in God, and I definitely didn't want to get totally lost. Then Pastor Cesar from the neighborhood told me about Onesimo and invited me. Immediately, hope arose in me to be able to help my family one day. I believe that God brought me here. So I want to grab this chance and hope that I will also manage to stop playing computer games."

*Names changed


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