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28. Okt. 2023, 18 Uhr, Thomaskirche

Thomas Wartenweiler
has lead us through the program with current contributions and a
a brand new film about Onesimo by Uwe Müller, "Kim"
Jhosh Rodrigues and Christian Schneider. The dancer MUFASA
from France and the musicians Ernie Opiasa and Armina Fortuna
from the region enrich the evening. The film about Onesimo and
the live recording of the evening can be found » here

Onesimo: A future for street children and stranded youths

In the Philippines, one in five people lives below the poverty line. The capital Manila has over 20 million inhabitants. Many people live in poor neighbourhoods and slums. Over 100,000 children live on the streets. Many find less care and acceptance in their families than in street gangs, where the struggle for survival, abuse, quarrels, violence and addiction are part of everyday life.
The youth work Onesimo was founded in 1996 and offers every year different camps and training courses to hundreds of young people from Manila's slums. Children from the street find a way out of drug use and destructive behavior in the rehabilitation.
People who take responsibility for the disadvantaged experience a high quality of life. Those who give away money and resources successfully outsmart their own thinking about possessions and free themselves for a frugal lifestyle.



About us


Home, hope and healing

Many of the youth are drug addicts and many children are abused and neglected when they come to Onesimo. In the communities they find a home, draw hope, experience healing and can complete school or training. This gives them a chance to escape the spiral of poverty and street life.

Accompaniment and care of more than 600 children and adolescents

Onesimo cares for and accompanies more than 600 children and young people from the streets and slums of Manila, a city of 20 million (Philippines). This includes 40 therapeutic living communities, open day care centers, student and training centers, residential centers for street children and a shelter for sexually abused girls.

New project: agricultural construction and camp

For the latest project, an agricultural school and a camp are under construction. Organic products are already being planted and marketed on ten hectares of unused bush land with the intention of self-sufficiency.


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